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Anush Aiyappa
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Great & Can't recommend her enough!
I had the pleasure of working with Pooja and she definitely knows what she’s doing, she’s supportive, and she did tailor her approach to my needs and preferences with her customised training and nutrition plans. Not only did she create a personalised fitness plan, but she also provided nutrition advice that changed my eating habits. I've seen significant improvements in my overall health and fitness and I lost around 7 kilos in 3-4 months, which was just what I wanted. I can't recommend her enough!
Hannan Khan
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I had opted for 3months program with…
I had opted for 3months program with Pooja . Exercise and diet was easy and simple. Highly recommend for working women’s who have no time to spend hours in gym.
jyothi m
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One of the best decisions I took is jointing Pooja’s program
One of the best decisions I took is joining Pooja’s program , workouts are amazing and diet too , this is the second time I joined. You would enjoy the workouts and the workouts really yield the results sooner and it burns fat across the body. The best workout and diet plan at an affordable price.
Anju soundariya
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To be Frank Pooja is the great fitness…
To be Frank Pooja is the great fitness educator the best decision I have made in my lyf is choosing her to transform my life. The way she timely send her videos and the way she guide is very professional and friendly. She keeps regular track on the weights and inches too. I am very thankful to Pooja for helping me to change my life healthier ❤️‍🩹
Sushma D
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My best choice
Choosing Pooja ma'am for my weight loss journey has been the ultimate decision. Starting at around 63-64 kg, I shed around 5-6 kgs with her program. Despite previous attempts where I often lost hope, came across 'Transform with Pooja' page on Instagram gave me renewed determination. Today, I can confidently say it was the best decision I've made so far. Her diet plans are the best, It will make you forget you're even on a diet🤤, and her weekly workout routines keep you motivated with regular check-ins. It's time to give yourself the best chance possible. Sending all my love and gratitude to her. ♥️
Ajith Kotary
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Thanks to Pooja for her personalized…
Thanks to Pooja for her personalized plan helped me shed weight while instilling disciplined eating habits for a healthier lifestyle. Grateful for her guidance in achieving my goals!
Sereno Resort
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Hello pooja,I am so glad that I took up…
Hello pooja,I am so glad that I took up this transformation program of yours,you make things look very simple and easy,be it a diet or the workouts you make them look simple yet effective,I really want to thank you so very much for helping people to stay fit and healthy... Thanks a ton 💗
Sahitya Sathyapal
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Best thing I have done for myself is…
Best thing I have done for myself is choosing fitness program from Transform with Pooja. Losing the extra weight, I feel great, went from size XL to size M. Thank you Pooja for designing personalized workout plans that suit my needs and goals.Thank you for inspiring me to live a healthy lifestyle and I am grateful for your constant support.
Advika Ajith
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It feels great to follow this diet because you don’t feel much different from what you were eating before it feels very easy She keeps checking on us time to time And this diet is just a portion control of what you eat on a daily basis
Shilpa Kamath
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Weight loss journey with Pooja
I started my weight loss journey with Pooja and she helped me loose almost 10kgs in a span of 90 days. The diet plan she gave me was so simple yet so effective. She also ensured that she provided motivation and helped me continue the diet plan. The exercise videos sent by her was easy and yet effective. Overall she helped me achieve my goal and it was a pleasant experience throughout. Thanks Pooja 🙂
Sindhura R
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I was able to lose my postpartum weight…
I was able to lose my postpartum weight of 7kgs from the program that was offered. The diet plan didn’t seem like a diet and I enjoyed whatever food was prescribed. Pooja was also very friendly and motivated me throughout the program in days where I thought I was going off track in terms of the diet or energy.. It was indeed a good decision I took to gear up and give my body a push from the pregnancy and delivery break that I had taken.. The workouts were very effective and helped me a lot to stay energetic all day!
Namitha halesh
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Pooja is the best trainer I could ask…
Pooja is the best trainer I could ask for. She is very good in what she does. Workouts are so reliable all you need is a mat, a pair of dumbell and 40 mins. They are so effective. You feel fresh all day. Her Diets are so relatable you need not give up on your traditional foods and your cravings. I took her program 3 times even after 3 years i still try and follow same and still works for me. She is very approachable and answers all the queries we have. Thankyou pooja❤️
smitha G
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I really appreciate your guidance and…
I really appreciate your guidance and motivation throughout the workouts . Your attention to detail and willingness to adjust exercises to fit my needs and abilities is greatly appreciated . I can feel already myself stronger and confident..
Pearl eva D'souza
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What an amazing work Pooja...
What an amazing work Pooja... Really inspiring and motivating.. Thank you for keeping me in the toes and motivating to keep pushing harder
Ganashree V Y
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I started my weight loss journey
with pooja sometime in 2019. I was around 65 kg when i started and reached 57kg in a span of 2 months. I dint have any craving for anything as my diet plan had it all. Eventually in 2023 i started gaining weight but started follow The diet plan and workout regime for 1 month and managed to loose around 4 kg. I got back to pooja a couple of times with multiple questions even when the program was done and she was always available to advise.. highly recommend her for anyone who want to start their weight loss journey
Meenu Kutty
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I took 3 months program and lost more…
I took 3 months program and lost more than 10 kgs.. Joining this program and the diet provided by pooja made me realize that I can loose weight too. The exercises provided were beginner friendly and ensured that my entire lifestyle changes with regards to food and exercise. Thanks to her training program my relationship with food improved and now I don starve myself anymore.. Thanks for all your help pooja

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Meet Your Instructor Pooja!

Meet Pooja, a beacon of inspiration on a journey of transformation and empowerment. Hailing from a quaint town in Karnataka, Pooja defied the odds by embracing home workouts to achieve her fitness goals. From her vibrant days as a dancer and sports enthusiast, Pooja transitioned into the corporate world, only to realize the toll it took on her health. A wake-up call during a trip to Europe ignited a powerful change within her.

Pooja's story isn't just about losing weight; it's a testament to the strength we all possess. She conquered crash diets and discovered the magic of eating right and strength training. With sheer determination, she shed 18 kilograms, regained her confidence, and made a mark as a certified fitness expert.

Now, Pooja is on a mission to help others script their own success stories. Her journey embodies the essence of self-discovery and reminds us that a healthier, happier life is within our reach. Join Pooja as she empowers you to embark on your own transformational journey, a journey towards embracing wellness, vitality, and the extraordinary potential within you.

Some common questions answered!

Absolutely not. Pooja's approach is entirely against such temporary solutions. She advocates for natural, sustainable weight loss methods that promote overall well-being.

Individuals seeking quick fixes like weight loss shakes, capsules, pills, or powders may skip this. Pooja's approach is centered on 100% natural methods.
No, this video is open to everyone, regardless of gender. Both men and women can benefit from her expertise in achieving natural weight loss.

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women of all ages, working or non-working. Even with people having hormonal issues & stress have benefited by watching this video..

Feel Better & Stronger

Feel Better & Stronger

Experience improved well-being, inner peace, and increased strength to face life confidently.

Enjoy Quality Sleep

Enjoy Quality Sleep

Get a good night's sleep consistently, waking up refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Keep up with your Kids

Keep up with your Kids

Stay energetic and agile to keep pace with your children's active lives.

Fit into Your Clothes

Fit into Your Clothes

Attain a healthier, more attractive appearance and comfortably wear your favorite outfits.

Feel Happier and In Control

Feel Happier and In Control

Rediscover happiness and regain control over your life, even in challenging situations.

Become Healthier than ever

Become Healthier than ever

Achieve the pinnacle of health, surpassing your previous best with vitality and well-being.

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